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Time doesn't exist. Clocks exist.
im grace
and if you
follow me, i love you
hi this is me
#tbt to pre-braces and post-braces me. 2010 and 2012 😱
i wanted to share this photo of me looking as though i’m listening to a story that’s really boring, but i’m trying to seem interested. im also in a blankey
i really dont even know what selfies are anymore
i was trying to take a selfie and the sun got in the way
i’m going to the beach
🎄🎁merry christmas children🎄🎁
ok, i dont care what anyone says
im a teen
f&%# the police
*whispers* that was the wrong photo *whispers even more quietly* i have too many selfies
*whispers* don’t look at me
This is the most beautiful thing that has been on my hand. #henna #mindilmarket
am i cool yet
new onesie! yay
I have a curl in my hair. beautiful unbrushed hair…